Welcome to the official information website for the Pelican Brigade Paint Ball Club!

The PBPBC at Hunt for the Cure on May 2, 2010.  Thanks to Brandon from Mn Mayhem for the picture!

Top: Mxlplx, Kassy, Carlos, John, Matt, Doc, Bruce Lee, Pickles, Mexican Magic, Carlito, MondoMor, Frogdog, Zugzwang, Wicker77, Royalfork, AKA.
Bottom: Aaron, Sinner, Dragonfly, Sn3ak, Drachen (Krutsie from Woodland Security peeking out by AKA's knee).
Not pictured, but present:  Ma, Kanem, Shaman and Hawk!

Pelicans in video!

The Pelican Brigade at Giant Big Game XVIII from Zugzwang on Vimeo.

What is the PBPBC?
The PBPBC is the Pelican Brigade Paint Ball Club!  Our club started in Monticello, Minnesota as a group of skilled, enthusiastic paintball players.

What is the PBPBC about?
We have fun and play the game with honor and integrity.

Where does the PBPBC play?
Our home field and sponsor is Splat Tag, but we can also be found at fields all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.

How can I contact the PBPBC?
Email Tim at trp1656@tds.net

Why are you a club and not a scenario team?
A Team limits itself to the size and quality of its members. They will also only play as that team, which isn't all bad but they tend to compete against each other within their team, causing them to fold or remove and replace players to best fit in the Team.

Now a Club, on the other hand, will take all players no matter what skill level and allow them to play their game as they want, as long as they represent the Club to which they belong. They will always be a member of the Club, until the Club folds up completely.

This site updated May 21, 2010